Leaving Two Kittens Home Alone (what age and for how long?)

Cats are low maintenance pets and they are perfect for those people who live a busy life. Cats love to sleep and they can sleep for 12 to 20 hours per day. (s)

Adult cats that are left alone with food and water can stay on their own for a day or two but it is a different matter with kittens since they have a longer sleeping pattern that ranges from 16 to 22 hours, they also have different sets of needs.

Is it Ok to leave two kittens home alone?

Yes! Two kittens are better than one because cats also feel separation anxiety, they just show it differently unlike when dogs feel it, they will bark unreasonably leaving the neighbors annoyed of all the noise, while cats become clingy and meow excessively. By having them in pairs, you will prevent any issues with them being alone and no one to play with.

What age it is ok to leave two kittens home alone?

4 months old! Kittens under 4 months still need supervision. If the kittens are over 4 months old, they can be left by themselves or in this case with their companion. Two kittens are better because they will entertain each other while you are away and will surely not get bored.

How long can you leave two kittens home alone?

Kittens under 4 months can be left alone for 2-4 hours, while 5-month-old kitten can be left at home for 5 hours, for the 6-month-old kitten you can leave them for a maximum of 8 hours and an older cat can be left by themselves for a maximum of 2 days.

Safety tips for leaving two kittens home alone for the first time.

Here are the preparations before you leave your kittens alone.

  • Leave them in a secured area in your house. Clear the area from hazards such as breaking glass, strings that they can get choked in, plants that may be poisonous, chemicals among others. The area should also have a door where they cannot escape so they will still be at home when you arrived.
  • Create a cozy space for them. There should be a bed and some blankets they can snuggle in or play in while you are away.
  • Prepare their food and water. Make sure that there is enough food and water for them while you are away, you don’t want them getting dehydrated and starving just because you forget that important part.
  • Leave a distraction. You may leave a radio on for them so they can hear a voice that may help soothe their anxiety.
  • Leave some toys for them. You can also prepare a hiding box for the kittens, paper bags are also something they play with, toys that are recommended for cats can help.

How to minimize distraction when leaving two kittens home alone?

Kittens will pounce and run after the other while playing, so it is best to prepare early to avoid any untoward incident from happening.

  • Remove mirrors or any breaking glass that the kittens can play with from the area. Once the glass breaks this can be a danger to your kittens.
  • Take away things that may topple. Remove shelves or cabinets that can topple easily while your kittens are playing by doing so, you are avoiding accidents and keeping your furniture safe.
  • Keep away any reachable chemicals. If you have any chemicals that may be harmful to your kittens, remove those immediately. Kittens can also be a curious bunch and some chemicals that they may smell or lick can be very dangerous for them.
  • Remove appliances or furniture. Keep this away from the area where you will leave the kittens, this is to ensure as well that your appliances and furniture are safe.
  • Hide all electrical cords. Once your kittens play with each other and run all over the room, they may step on these wires and pull on it, which be dangerous and a fire hazard.
  • Place the food and water in a safe location. Do not leave the water where there are electrical outlets and should be placed away from such.
  • Leave a light on. You need to leave a light on if you have a newly bought kitten or newly adopted ones.

How to entertain two kittens that are home alone?

Kittens are still very energetic, just like puppies they need to explore and to play. There are ways to keep them entertained while you are away.

  • Use of cardboard box.
  • Paper bags.
  • Place puzzles/Toys around the area.
  • Keep a Tv open or radio will do. There will be music or people talking over the TV or radio.
  • Place them near secured windows. They love to sightsee, seeing the birds on the window and not being able to do anything about it (mm… this will really keep them busy plotting on what to do next)
  • Makeshift tunnel. Kittens love tunnels where they can hide and run after each other.
  • You can make them special towers. You can be creative and make a tower for each kitten. This will also be their scratching post.

Can you leave two kittens home alone at night?

If your kittens are at least 6 months you can leave them for 8 hours, the maximum maybe 10 hours since they have a companion, but more than that you may need to get a pet sitter to check on them. If they are younger, you only have a few hours to leave them alone where they can still be safe.

The reasons you need to get someone to check on them if you will be gone for a long time are the following.

  • Food and water may be empty or running low.
  • Kittens can get bored and may get anxious.
  • The litter box may be full which may cause your kittens to do their business elsewhere.
  • They may long for interaction with their owner.
  • You need to be sure they are still safe.
  • The temperature in the room may have changed.

Can you leave two kittens home alone while working?

You can leave them by themselves as long as they have all that they need. Food, water, things to keep them occupied, and a safe environment. Again, you will need to consider the age of your kittens to know how long you can leave them alone.

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Leaving two kittens home alone (what age and for how long?)

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